Food & Nutrition

Child Nutrition Director of Operations, 940-569-0061
Mrs. Deb Welch

Meal Prices:

Elementary lunches are $2.25 and secondary lunches (Middle School and High School) are $2.75. Breakfast is at no charge for students. Adult prices are: Breakfast all campuses; $2.00 / Lunch elementary and Middle School; $3.50 and Lunch High School; $3.75.

Latest Updates:

  * Skward Family Access : check the balance of your child's lunch money account and view items they've purchased. Click Here to download instructions for logging on to Skyward Family Access.
  * Cafeteria Charging: Cafeterias will not accept charges from students, adults or staff members 30 calendar days from the end of the school year. The policy is stated in the Student Handbook in the Cafeteria Services section.
  * Free/Reduced Lunch Applications for 2015-2016: Each household enrolled in the Burkburnett ISD will receive by email a new application; if email is not available then a new application will be mailed during the month of July. Each family MUST complete a new application each school year. Click here to download instructions regarding the Free/Reduced Lunch Application for 2015-2016

Free/Reduced Meals

Some students may qualify for BISD's Free or Reduced Price Meal Program.

Breakfast and lunch are served at all Burkburnett ISD campuses with some students eligible for free or reduced price meals.

Students who were eligible for this program at the close of the 2014-2015 school year will continue to be eligible for 30 calendar days beginning the first day of school. Families that participated in the program last year MUST apply again for the 2015-2016 school year. Information will be forwarded to parents through the schools, email and by mail.

For more information, call your child's school or the Food Service Department at (940) 569-0061, or refer to the following form:

2015-2016 Free and Reduced Application (Please forward completed application to one of the following)

Email, your childs cafeteria, drop off or mail to: Child Nutrition 412 Ave. C  Burkburnett, Texas 76354

Cafeteria Services

The District participates in the National School Lunch Program and offers students nutritionally balanced meals daily.  Free and reduced-price meals are available based on financial need.  Information about a student's participation is confidential.  See the cafeteria manager to apply.

Students are issued an account with the cafeteria using their student ID numbers as their account number.  Students are then issued an ID card that identifies them with the Food Service Department.  These ID cards must be used when purchasing a meal, placing money into their account, or paying charges.  Monies may be placed in the student's account for use at lunch or breakfast (and for a la carte purchases at the High School).  Students may use cash for any purchase, but must present their ID card at time of purchase.  Junior High and High School students are responsible for possession of their ID cards and should keep them in a secure place.  Replacement cards will be issued at a charge of $5.00.

Middle School and High School Students are not permitted to charge meals. If necessary, Elementary Students are permitted to charge a maximum of 2 times. When a student has charged the maximum limit, no further charges will be allowed until the charges are paid. 30 calendar days prior to the end of the current school year, there will be NO CHARGING ALLOWED at any cafeteria by any student, adult or staff. No exceptions. No a la carte charging will be allowed at any time. 

Breakfast serving time is 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. at all cafeterias.  No student will be permitted to leave any BISD campus during lunch periods without permission from an administrator.  Students who do leave at lunch are considered truant.

Refunds for monies deposited into student meal accounts are only allowed when a student withdraws from Burkburnett ISD.  Remaining balances in student accounts carry over from the current year to the next year.  Please be certain that money deposited is for school meals, not parties, library fines, book fees, etc. as money can not be refunded except for withdrawing from Burkburnett ISD.