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Dear Applicant,

In order to be placed on our substitute call list, it will be necessary for you to complete the online application. If you are selected as a candidate, you will be contacted through e-mail about the procedure for completing the online training.

Fingerprinting is now required of all substitutes. If you are contacted for employment, you will be asked to download the fingerprinting form found on this page under “Forms to Download”. The form will describe the process for completing the fingerprinting. (You must have Adobe Acrobat to download.)

A W-4 form, Direct Deposit form, and Employment Eligibility Verification Form (Form I-9) are available for downloading. These forms must be completed and brought to BISD upon completion of the online training. The forms of ID used for the I-9 form must be brought to BISD for verification and copying. We cannot accept a photo copy of these items.

Upon completion of the fingerprinting and all of the required documents, you will be eligible to be placed on the active call list for substituting.


Robert Underwood
Executive Director of Human Resources

Job Details
The following policy pertaining to substitute teachers was adopted by the Board of Education October 6, 1969:

Substitute teachers perform an important phase of the instruction in Burkburnett classrooms.  The principle job of the substitute is to carry on the job of classroom instruction in the classroom to the very best of the ability of the substitute.  This includes being in the room on time, checking attendance, maintaining order, and giving the students instruction in the material assigned for the day, and if so directed, to make a new assignment for the following day.

In order to make this job easier, the regular teacher has been instructed to maintain an up-to-date lesson plan book in which most of these items are listed.  This book should be available to you on your arrival in the classroom.  The lesson book should contain:

  • The assignment for the day
  • A class seating chart
  • List of students
  • Teacher assignment of extra duty for the day
  • Additional instruction should be received from the Principal

In the case of prolonged absence of the regular teacher, the substitute should confer with the regular teacher.


Employment Forms To Download

To view and print the BISD Employment Application requires that you have Adobe Acrobat. Click here for a free download.

Direct Deposit Form (PDF format)

Employment Eligibility Verification Form (INS form I-9) Please Print and Bring All Pages With You to Human Resources

IRS form W-4

Fingerprinting Form


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