Student Online Achievement Resources


SOAR is an online educational resource for your child. 

Although it was designed for military children (grades 3 - 12) and their families, ALL children and their parents may use SOAR to enhance and support student learning.  SOAR is accessible from any computer so you can have learning any time, from any where, as long as you have internet access.

Once you and your child are registered, your student will take an assessment aligned to state standards.  SOAR then provides online tutorials and support resources to enhance your student's learning.

As a parent you can monitor your student's progress and use the educational materials provided through SOAR to assist your student.

Also, if you move to another location in Texas, or across the world, you may simply update your student's information and compare your student's knowledge with the new location's state guidelines.

To access the SOAR website, click here or click on the SOAR logo in the header.

Notes about registering ........

  • You will need an email address.  It is suggested you use an address for the account email that will not change as you move.
    • You may use another email as well in the Primary Contact Email field of the registration form.
  • Any parent who registers a child enrolled in Burkburnett ISD should select Sheppard AFB as the Military Installation on the registration form.  Also select Air Force as the Service Branch on the registration form.
    • All families may use SOAR so even if you are not military or a DOD civilian, you should select Sheppard AFB and Air Force on the registration form fields.